Don’t make me tell you twice: Stop using fanart you didn’t draw on your anime blog

Anime bloggers, anime bloggers. Why must we always have these discussions? Is too hard for you guys to operate utilizing normal, human, common sense? I mean, I guess it isn’t entirely your fault if you’re a  stupid person who can’t write about Japanese animation worth a shit, but what images you post onto your internet weblog is fully under your control, and that’s the issue I wish to address today.

Have you children ever heard of Online Fanarts Protection? OFP is a kind of rule set down by anime fandom regarding the use of fanart on internet websites. What they’re asking of you people is quite simple–don’t use the images they spent hours making without their permission! That’s all! Of course, if you’re an anime blogger and not aware of this rule, that’s fine; but now that you know, please take it into consideration. I myself wasn’t aware of this until about three years ago, which is why there is not-drawn-by-me-fanart in some of my older entries. But I don’t do that anymore. I’ve learned. I’m respecting their simple request.

Now, what they’re asking isn’t entirely unreasonable–basically, if you want to use a piece of art, contact the artist before doing so. However, in this fast-paced Web 3.0 world of today, we may not have time for that. Here’s an alternative–if you really want to use a piece of artwork, credit the artist and link to their site underneath it, as opposed to writing some awful, unfunny one-liner. While it’s not really what they’re asking of you, it’s better than “author unknown”, and a fair compromise. To make it even better, include a Japanese section (titled 日本語, that means “Japanese” in Japanese) on your blog where you explain in Japanese the usage of fanart on your blog, and make it clear that you will take images down without argument if asked.

Why is this important? We’re all a community. All around the world. As such, we must respect other people’s wishes, especially when it comes to creative properties that they’ve toiled for hours–sometimes days–over. Your use of fanart that’s not yours in your blog post is not transforming and giving that work new meaning–it’s just theft. You have no business using that artwork. The least you could do is–as I mentioned before–credit the artist.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use images at all in your blog. Hell, I use a lot myself. But my images are either photos I take, or official images. While using official images without permission isn’t okay, they’re made for wide distribution, so as long as you’re not charging people to look at them, it’s not an entirely bad thing to have screenshots and such on your blog.

I don’t expect that the world will be changed with this post, but I’d like all who are reading to take this into consideration. We’re all in the same global community, so don’t betray your fellow fans around the world by stealing their artwork. It’s just plain rude, inconsiderate, and another reason why Japanese fans think English-speaking fans are “human trash.”

That’s an actual quote, by the way.