I’m really due for a new issue of Megami, given my wall is beginning to look oh so 2007. Once the money starts coming in I should just go for one of those year-long subscriptions…

As you can see the poster distribution is rather uneven, and I really just stopped hanging things when I noticed I was close to exhausting my dad’s stock of tape. Speaking of tape, given I move between houses a lot, the edges of my Megami posters are beginning to grow weak due to the constant applying and reapplying of tape. The brand we use over here in DC seems good, but the stuff I get in Boston is too strong. Any specific recommendations for posting-hanging-tape?

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37 Responses to 1000% POSTERING

  1. Shiro says:

    I still see the wall.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No, get a year long subscription to Comic LO instead!

    In terms of tape, put tape on the back of the poster, not the sides.

  3. tako says:

    Just use Tesa Powerstrips, or whatever they are called over there. When pulled, they loose their stickiness and can be removed safely.

  4. Ryan A says:

    shlizaps! nice stuff :)

  5. bixnood says:

    i like your taste in posters…

    loli, catgirl, loli, loli, al pacino, loli, loli, loli

  6. A-Non-E-Moose says:

    My balls are blue with envy. Also, you might want to watch that figure next to the radiator. We don’t want any warping…

  7. dm says:

    For taping posters, put a layer of single-sided tape on the poster, then use whatever to tape that tape to the wall. This protects the paper of the poster.

  8. TheBigGSN5 says:

    “For taping posters, put a layer of single-sided tape on the poster, then use whatever to tape that tape to the wall”

    Sounds like a plan.

    I like to use Rasterbator and assemble posters myself, as there aren’t exactly a lot of posters for sale of things like Empowered, No More Heroes or The Witcher.

  9. DS says:

    Do any real girls enter your room and what do/would you tell them…?

  10. Deranged says:

    So many posters… I so want XD

    Particularly, I really like the Gurren Lagann calender. It looks awesome

  11. Link says:

    That side of your wall is designed with Hazuki as a centerpiece. Nice. <3

  12. IcyStorm says:

    What the hell, I want your room.

  13. Os says:

    I was there to watch you purchase that Moon Phase scroll… and to think I could’ve slept there…

  14. EcureuilMatrix says:

    It’s like a cathedral of lolis and oppai and GITS and Lupin and Kaede…

    Like the Sistine Chapel done by a Lolicon Michelangelo.

    Holy smokes, a Mac Hall poster!?

    And is that a Dan Kim drawing left of the computer?

  15. creature124 says:

    I am amazingly jealous. I wish is had to cash to deck out my room like that. All I really have right now is a Death Note wall scroll, and it really isn’t sufficient. I want some stuff from Shuffle, but that involves money, and that involves getting a job that pays above minimum wage…

  16. 3x as random says:

    Lol @ the Nanoha Strikers issue of Megami.

  17. Michael says:

    Well, fuck. Your room is totally opposite mine – bare and full of nothing but books.

  18. why the hell does this post have so many comments

    I do that with most of my posters, but Megami posters tend to be double-sided :(

    I forgot to get a snap of my Marlon Brando poster :v

    It’s not as close as it seems. Besides, the summer heat will melt this before the radiator does…

    Thanks for the tip. Will do that next time~

    Some girls entered my apartment in Boston and actually thought it was cool???

    /Signed/ Mac Hall poster. And yes, that is a Dan Kim doodle.

    One issue of Megami goes a long way…

  19. double says:

    Holy! I want that Evangelion poster and the GitS wallscroll!

  20. Koji Oe says:

    Nice room you got here but mine is worse. Although this is probably because, your room seems more cleaner and nicer since it’s a lot bigger than mine.

    Most of my posters are from 8 years ago and in long due for a change but oh well. Megami magazine is so expensive to order and there is nothing local that sells it.

    Tiem for me to post shots of my room nao.

  21. GuardMonkey10 says:

    So where the heck is your fourth volume of Ichigo Mashimaro manga? You’re not SLACKING, are you? And back to Zettai Karen Children…

  22. kransom says:

    I agree with Anonymous except I think all the posters should be the big NO: DO NOT TOUCH REAL LITTLE GIRLS pages that they have in issues of lo

  23. >>GuardMonkey10
    I stopped buying the US volumes of Ichigo Mashimaro since I hated the translation. I’ve already read the scanslations, so I’m good.


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  25. ATS says:

    Sucks to suppress my powerlevel

  26. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous and kransom are wrong, just get a year subscription to RIN and you’re set for life.

  27. Jusuchin says:

    I envy your room….My room must be unoriginal and bland, since it was meant to be the secondary guest room. And cos my family is ashamed at my rising otakuness…


  28. GuardMonkey10 says:

    OK, I’ve noticed that the Ichigo Mashimaro translations were a bit screwy, but its nice to have paper in hand, and know that I’ve helped the manga-ka out a bit. Not going to delete the translations either.

  29. I’ll buy the Japanese editions eventually.

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  31. k. says:

    Gosh, I need moar Lucky Star posters. And Louise. Having School Days characters staring at me would probably creep me out, though.

    But KnJ would be awwwright.

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  33. Rin says:

    My room is similar to yours too, I have posters all over and my friends saw it’s wallpaper…
    Still, some pospers you go, I want!!!!
    Nice collecction!!!

  34. The Doctor says:

    The wall is a lie lol j/k
    It is only 95% covered do the D.A.N.C.E.

  35. SSJSquall says:

    Two things:
    1) Yes! Im not the only one who went for the fat pack of eva platinums!
    2) Where can I find that gurren lagann calender? It looks beast.

  36. I got the GL calendar off CDJapan.co.jp, but I can’t find it anymore. Chances are it’s out of print.

  37. Name (required) says:

    itunes? Wow what a loser!