Japan is ridiculous!


Reasons as to why Japan may be a completely ridiculous nation:

  • Some how one of the retards from Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl made it into Saimoe… and won her first round!
  • Characters like Yukari from Shana and real Makoto from Kanon, some how made it in at all, despite being in their respective shows for insignificant amounts of time.
  • Primula lost to some StrikerS bitch
  • For some reason a completely boring character like Hinagiku is more popular the Nagi :???:

On the plus side:

  • Nagi and Siesta both it made it past the initial slaughter fest, so that’s all well and good.
  • Hidamari Sketch characters are winning! Shock! I guess the otaku of Japan do have some shred of taste. Not saying that American fans have better taste, though. I mean look at all the Naruto retards at cons.

So, basically all of those reasons have to do with Saimoe. Except the one about Hinagiku. That just bothers me. Especially because EVERY FUCKING HAYATE DOUJIN IS OF HER. DAMMIT SHARE GIMME MY NAGI DOUJINS. C72 is thusfar unimpressive. This however may change that assessment, provided there’s not too much Hinagiku (though I fear the worst.)

I hate you, Japan! I hate the characters you like!