Why Gundam 00 is going to suck horribly

I forgot I had a blog to write this stuff in for a moment. So as not upset my IRC comrades any further I’ll keep all my Gundam 00 bashing to this blog. Anyway, on to why this will be the worst Gundam series ever.

  • It’s the newest one, and they’re only getting worse. Well, I suppose nothing can top Wing in terms of pure suckage though.
  • Too many pretty boys. Though I heard some kind rumor that this person can do girls, too. But there’s already like 5 billion sexy men in the promo vid, and I’ve become uninterested already.
  • The mecha designs look retarded.
  • The story is retarded. “An organisation formed to stop war”? Give me a fucking break. Just sounds like retarded Seed contradictions. But it worked in Seed since Kira is a smug piece of shit, and is actually Light Yagami. Also Seed has Andrew Waltfeld, who can save any disaster. Fuck, how do you think I finished Destiny? Why do you think I’m buying it now? For the fucking coffee, that’s why!
  • It’s directed by the retard who did that dumb shounen show that’s by Bones.
  • Wow I’ve used the word retard and retarded a lot already.

C’mon guys… just for me… get Tomino and Yaz back together… let them make one last UC epic to end them all. That’s all I ask. Just one more thing that’ll take us back to the days when Gundam was for true men and not pansy teenagers. Let’s see a show about hellish war, not fucking j-rock stars in space.

Anyway, time for bed… or time to watch the Layzner op for the 100th time…

Talking of Youtube, Koike68’s account was suspended. This leaves me quite sad as all those great MADs that I had on my favourites are now gone. Burn in hell Youtube!

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18 Responses to Why Gundam 00 is going to suck horribly

  1. moyism says:

    2nd your opinion! Honestly, I’m expecting *nothing* from this series as I know it will suck. Most likely suck, hard.

    Kind of funny you wrote this post as a friend and I were discussing how horribly bad Gundam 00 might possibly be. We were joking that they need to work on things called, say plot and character development before just making a new gundam series for the heck of. Ya know, create a series where while the gundams are helpful, they shouldn’t be the main draw and should only be used when necessary.

    Yea, god forbid Sunrise creates a Gundam series like that.

  2. Karura says:

    The thing is, I feel compelled to watch this just to see how awful it will be. Although I did think the next Gundam series was going to be Gundam Pizza Hut.

  3. DrmChsr0 says:

    At least it’s not Anno.


  4. uhsieh says:

    I have to agree to this too. I don’t even know why I’m still a Gundam fan after all these years. I can’t say that Gundam had been any good ever since Amuro and Char both bought the farm. Where are the manly passion and fights?!

    (Okay 0080, 0083, and 08th MS Team were good, but they were all OVAs.)

  5. anonymous says:

    Then make sure you dont watch it

  6. Anonymous says:

    It will be worse than Wing but at least the boys are more pretty, but of course nothing would beat the prettiness of Jun Watarase piloting a mobile suit.
    drm, wildarms loevs Anno so the point is moot here.

  7. jpmeyer says:

    I prefer the kebabs to the coffee.

  8. Jams says:

    I agree with the Destiny comment… Andy and the vague hope of the series getting better helped me watch it to the end. Even then, not enough Andy and not enough good stuff. I think I cried.

    Anyway, Gundam’s have not been getting worse as time goes on IMO. OK, Wing sucked big time, but untill Destiny it wasn’t too bad. Gundam X was OK (better than Wing at any rate), Turn A Gundam was brilliant (and Tomino directed) and Seed wasn’t too bad at all (please don’t kill me for that).

    As for the new series… if the pacifist organization are like the next version of the Three Ship Alliance from Seed then it will be crap. Personally, I think theres a chance of the organization actually being corrupt, or becoming corrupted like the Titans in the UC series. That would be good.

  9. DS says:

    Well, they’ll have a whole new batch of over-designed models to sell, and isn’t that the point of it? They should bring back the UC and the smple glories of the Zeta Gundam and Hyaku Shiki and leave the bishounens behind.

  10. No offense, but we should at least wait for the show to air before we condeem it. I mean, it looks like it is going to crap, but that doesn’t mean it necessarily will be.

    And it’s not like Sunrise completely ignores us true fans. They made Igloo and are making Unicorn. They just don’t care enough to give us a TV series.

  11. Ah, I had forgot about Turn A. Probably because I’ve not seen it.

    Yes, it’s unfair to trash the series before it starts, but after Destiny we have reason to believe it won’t be Zeta Gundam.

  12. Danny Choo says:

    You never know. There could be many fanservice for the lads too (hopefully ^^;)

  13. LianYL says:

    I wonder what your response would be like if they featured a Gundam army of Chuck Norris.

    Wait, that might be Gundam G.

  14. manga says:

    I got the same impression you did by watching the “trailer”. I didn´t find any nice mecha design or anything. But I´ll most likely watch atleast the first ep.

    Gundam Seed got my attention because of the “two friends having to kill eachother” theme :p and when Lacus made her entry, well I was lost and had to see the show.

    Seed Destiny, don´t know why I watched it…

    Still looking for a group to release the very first Gundam so I can watch that.

  15. Someone actually is subbing the first series, but the episodes aren’t seeded anymore. I suggest just digging up copies of the original compilation movies, as they’re a lot better.

  16. steveness says:

    Just watched Gundam 00, and it’s not bad… so far.

    I guess the Japanese are trying to promote America’s “war on terrorism” or something.

    A group that wars in order to stop war is the same theme from Seed Destiny. It seems like the main character is really close to what Kira was. He handicaps the gundams and leaves the pilot unharmed. The same can’t be said about his comrades, though.

    The gundams look fine, but the other misc. mecha really blows.

  17. Sproule says:

    It awesome best series yet i think and its only getting better and if you expect it to be shit then im sure you will just pick massive holes in it put y don’t u just watch and enjoy instead of being such grumpy ppl

  18. COTA says:

    I like it. Yeah, the mobile suits that aren’t gundams look like walking turds and the gundams look the same as all the other gundams and fit the same basic roles as the other gundams of every series there’s been multiple gundams in. But the storyline is awesome, regardless of it’s similarity to Destiny. I love the plot and that it’s an almost feasible conjecture of our future. Maybe someone smart in japan realized we need to convert to solar power, and maybe this series is to demonstrate that we should not fight over it once we’ve got it.

    And then again, there’s also a hoard of bandai action figures and models to market. You can’t blame them though, everyone does it.