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HARD COVER. Real manga hardly ever get hard covers.

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This post is kind of a disjointed fit of rage, so please excuse me. It’s not so much that I’m mad at Gundam 00. I’m not one to get mad at TV shows, that’s a silly thing to do. I … Continue reading

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It’s closer than you think

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On Top of a Frustrating World

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One more thing before bed

Amazon reviews make for good reading… “ai yori aoshi and ai yori aoshi enishi are such great shows i feel that this show has something for both the guys and the girls and the voice acting is pretty ok, so … Continue reading

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free anime fansub download

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Thank you for this fansub

03:27 03:44

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300 is not manly :(

My father rented 300 against his better judgment today, on BLURAY. BLURAY because my brother has a PS3 and we figured it’d be neat to test it out. From all the internet talk about it, I assumed it would be … Continue reading

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Sakura ;__;

I recently ordered a copy of the Cardcaptor Sakura artbook, Cheerio! off ebay. While waiting for it arrive at my doorstep, I noticed today that ebay has my address set as the one in Boston! orz

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Why Gundam 00 is going to suck horribly

I forgot I had a blog to write this stuff in for a moment. So as not upset my IRC comrades any further I’ll keep all my Gundam 00 bashing to this blog. Anyway, on to why this will be … Continue reading

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