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Danny Choo’s swanky blogger party: CGM Night 5

I can’t keep it a secret for any longer. Those who have a keen eye kept on my Flickr feed, or those who have the unfortunate knowledge as to what my face looks like and have seen it in photos … Continue reading

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Gundam Kodan

Since nothing really exciting happened here except for the performance, I’ll spare you guys the wannabe Gonzo journalism this time. Going off of a tip from kransom, as well as a series of amusing youtube videos, I decided to pop … Continue reading

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Kannagi @ UFOTable Cafe

The clock is about to strike 18:00. It’s a cool Spring evening in Nakano, and I’m outside the station orienting myself with this map I printed out from the UFOTable Cafe website, with the goal in mind being to see … Continue reading

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Shitsuji Tora no Ana 4: A Hayate no Gotoku Only Event, 05/06/09

First, let us open with a story told in pictures along with some not-very-witty commentary. It took me longer than I thought it would to get there. Not too long, but longer than expected. Resulted in me arriving 30 minutes … Continue reading

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