Comic Update: Super Star

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In retrospect, I probably should have drawn a subtle stain over all of the girls’ crotches, but alas, it is now too late. This comic was meant to come out a week after the last one, but some things happened, and I only managed to get around to drawing it a little while ago. Seems the news of the Strike Witches movie didn’t make much of a splash anyway, so it’s not like this comic being super out of date is really a big thing. This is another one that I did completely from start-to-finish on the computer, and looking at it now, I’m not unhappy with it. The part I like the best is Rets’ face obscured in shadow, as he’s folding his dakimakura, whist wearing an evil-looking black turtleneck.

Anyway, with school completed and my internship over with, while I’m looking for employment, I figure I’ll use some of my free time to revamp the site. There’s gonna be some big changes in the near future, so look out! For one, expect a new blog to surface soon-ish. That is, once I get around to designing it.

By the way, I started a Formspring account, so feel free to shoot me whatever questions you have! See y’all later!

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