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In retrospect, I probably should have drawn a subtle stain over all of the girls’ crotches, but alas, it is now too late. This comic was meant to come out a week after the last one, but some things happened, and I only managed to get around to drawing it a little while ago. Seems the news of the Strike Witches movie didn’t make much of a splash anyway, so it’s not like this comic being super out of date is really a big thing. This is another one that I did completely from start-to-finish on the computer, and looking at it now, I’m not unhappy with it. The part I like the best is Rets’ face obscured in shadow, as he’s folding his dakimakura, whist wearing an evil-looking black turtleneck.

Anyway, with school completed and my internship over with, while I’m looking for employment, I figure I’ll use some of my free time to revamp the site. There’s gonna be some big changes in the near future, so look out! For one, expect a new blog to surface soon-ish. That is, once I get around to designing it.

By the way, I started a Formspring account, so feel free to shoot me whatever questions you have! See y’all later!

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13 Responses to Comic Update: Super Star

  1. kgods says:

    You added glasses on Tina for extra moe effect, yes?

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s a well-known fact that if you don’t spend at least 100,000 yen on SW merchandise, the witches won’t love you.

  3. Halconnen says:

    Wait, black turtlenecks look evil?

    I wear one regularily.

    That might explain a few things.

  4. Juansmarts says:

    It seems like the news of a Strike Witches movie really had an impact, hasn’t it?
    After all, it’s not common to make 2 consecutive comics about it.

  5. linger says:

    SW movie announcement had a huge impact on me. It’s just that, with a complete lack of info on what the movie will actually entail, it’s kind of hard to discuss it.

    Outside wild speculation, which I can also engage in.

    @Anonymous: I’ve actually spent $1,105 US on Strike Witches stuff so far…I don’t know how that series does it.

  6. Asa says:

    This comic amuses me more than it probably should, because I washed my dakimakura cover just yesterday. I’m also in the process of trying to decide what to get next (I want two more). SW ones aren’t on the cards unfortunately, as customs would seize the “objectionable material”.

  7. Azures says:

    This comic makes my life.
    I don’t really have anything to say, I just felt the overwhelming need to comment.

  8. Hello! says:

    I am freaked out by black turtleneck Rets yet disappointed you didn’t use the turtleneck for an arc where Rets acts like a normal or exceptional human being.

    I also hope it will be imax because there is nothing like 2d crotches blown up larger than your house.

  9. eclair2 says:

    art turned out pretty good~
    same goes to story ^^
    keep it up~~~

  10. Yuriko says:

    I actually washed my dakimakura cover yesterday too because my mom is coming over to my apartment today so I washed it and folded it up and put it away.

  11. Please keep the glasses on Tina :)

  12. Halconnen says:

    For the Strike Witches movie, I’m -hoping- we’ll see some African Landwitches.

    As for another comment on the comic: “Listen, Tina. Things need to be washed” is an awesome line somehow. I’ll be trying to use that in an appropiate context sometime down the line.

  13. anonymous says:

    Fantastic, as always. Love the art in this strip, especially the first few panels.
    Keep it up!