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I loved Arakawa Under The Bridge, but then I didn’t like it as much

If we lived in a perfect world, SHAFT and Shinbo Akiyuki would make shows that all centered around lolita characters in all manner of situations ranging from comedic to deadly serious. What they actually produce tends to be just as … Continue reading

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The last time they had an anime blog tournament was like in 2008 or something

God, I feel awful. I keep meaning to update this site three times a week, but due to my horrible addictions to drawing, watching anime, applying for jobs, going to school, and hanging out with friends; I haven’t had much … Continue reading

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Comic Update: CIA KGB FBIに共産党の陰謀よ

Original Post So yeah, here’s a comic after a month of inactivity due to me more or less finishing my last semester in college. I have one summer course after this, but honestly? I don’t even care anymore. I’d write … Continue reading

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R-18 Doujinshi Review: Hitomaron’s Kagiana Gekijou Shoujo 4 & 5

If you know anything about me, you probably know that I really enjoy doujinshi. And considering the limited scope of my Japanese linguistic abilities, I enjoy simple doujinshi. Doujinshi that doesn’t require me actually having to read it. You know, … Continue reading

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The extra exclamation point in Keion!! is warranted

I wouldn’t exactly label myself as a Keion! fan, but I do enjoy the series and find it to be very well executed and produced. With that said, its sequel, Keion!!, has managed to take things to a new level. … Continue reading

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Art: V pt2

Messing around in SAI some more. I don’t like the eyes, the hair or the hands… but despite that I’m fairly happy with it.

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Kyoto Animation and SHAFT are kind of similar

While this may come as a surprise, along with being a fan of the constantly-in-the-red SHAFT, I am also rather fond of the constantly-in-the-black Kyoto Animation. I will admit to liking SHAFT a smidge better–mostly due to them getting the … Continue reading

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Before I proceed any further, I would just like to make it clear that I am aware that this post is simply contributing to a large circlejerk in which all the participants are sad Japanophiles, and I would also like … Continue reading

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Art: Zetsubou Shoujo-tachi

Click for BIG. Mostly used SAI for this one. Turned out decent, I suppose.

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