Comic Update: I hope Asuka changed the rug

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I’m graduating tomorrow!

But I still have five weeks of class D:

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16 Responses to Comic Update: I hope Asuka changed the rug

  1. Rob says:

    Enjoyed the perspective in frame 2.

  2. Zelkiiro says:

    Wait wait wait wait wait…wait…….wait…

    K-On! is actually focusing on its premise now?

  3. 2DT says:

    Congratulations on your graduation!

  4. schneider says:

    How is that possible :o

  5. ItWillDo says:

    Never left a comment, but this one is definitely worth it. Congrats bro.

  6. e-imi says:


  7. keideki says:

    Congrats on graduation!

    On a totally different subject, now that DRRR! is out to about 19 episodes, has your opinion on it changed? Do you still think it does not quite stand up to Baccano!?

  8. SonicSpin says:

    Second attempt at commenting. Seems the first one didn’t make it.

    Basically what I said was “congratulations” like everyone else, and that I liked the colors and concept. Ah, and a reminder about the fanart I sent you over at MAL too.

  9. mer2329 says:

    congrats on gratuating
    i always enjoy the comic
    keep up the good work

  10. Hagakure says:

    Congrats on graduation!

  11. wah says:

    Thanks everyone!

  12. Fracz22 says:

    Congrats on graduation, and good work on the comic! Now the next 5 weeks will fly by. Well mayhaps.

  13. dood says:

    Awesome shirt Rets is wearing.

  14. Congrats, really liked the why you did Ret’s in the last panel by the way.

  15. Anono says:

    Looks like rets is wearing a jean skirt..

    As far as K-on, it’s great this season is disappointing even to it’s die hard fans. Not to mention Angel Beats beating it in the ratings.

    Finally this “moe” crap is dieing out..