Comic Update: CIA KGB FBIに共産党の陰謀よ

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So yeah, here’s a comic after a month of inactivity due to me more or less finishing my last semester in college. I have one summer course after this, but honestly? I don’t even care anymore. I’d write more about this comic–this comic about PORN–if I hadn’t already expended all my writing energy writing about porn just now. I’m not especially proud of this comic actually, but it’s what I need to do to get me going. The next comic is a little better. I think.

I watched Otaku no Video the other day with a group of people, and each time I watch it, I’m struck by how rich in culture it is. I am also struck by how unqualified I am to write anything smart about it. I know there’s a whole story there–a story beyond just what we see on the screen–as I read some of it in the Nontenki Memoirs, but I’m sure there’s some great analysis of the show out there that has been written for decades that I haven’t read yet. So, if anyone knows if things like that exist, drop a line. It’d be great if they were written by someone like Carl Horn…

And that’s all. See ya’ll next week. I hope.