MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 22– The Soul of Anime: Afterparty


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Just some dickish commentary between me and Alex on Ian Condry’s SOUL OF ANIME lecture which wasn’t all that interesting, but you can listen to it here.

There was no part 2.



  • Opening Song– “Kyuuryoubi-san” by Omokage Lucky Hole
  • Ending Song– “The Joker” by Brasil ’66
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6 Responses to MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 22– The Soul of Anime: Afterparty

  1. VZ says:

    I’d like to see your SHAFTxSHIMBO panel, um as long as it’s in NYAF.

  2. jpmeyer says:

    lololololololol soft power
    lololololololol gandamu purashutiku moderu
    lololololololol the crater represents an anus
    lololololololol 2002
    lololololololol fansubs
    lololololololol media mikkusu
    lololololololol 2006 animesuki screencap
    lololololololol Musashi Gun-doh
    lololololololol Tenga eggs
    lololololololol all academic anime criticism is bullshit

    (I’ve tooooooootally had a film prof one time assign a show to watch over spring break and told us to download it)

    I feel like the only anime academic that I’ve personally really read anything new from was Azuma.

  3. jpmeyer says:

    And to further clarify, I also know a shitload about film, but I can still read stuff from film scholars all the time that teaches me new things.

  4. VZ says:

    I feel like the problem with the academic stuff is most of them aren’t really true fans of this stuff. Susan Napier started her book as a collage research paper IIRC. They tend to over analyze like crazy and see stuff that’s often misinterpreted or just not plain there. In order to write about this stuff, you really need to be absorbed in it.

    The best academic book oddly enough is still the Erotic Guide to Anime which was written by Helen McCarthy and Jonathan Clements. They approached the subject matter in the right matter (ala not being total moral prudes) and talked about stuff that I never knew before like Cream Lemon and Go Nagai’s contribution to adding ecchi content to manga and anime.

  5. jpmeyer says:

    Does that count as an academic book? McCarthy is a scholar, but Clements is an industry insider.

  6. kransom says:

    jp, have you read Lamarre’s new book yet? I just got it and have only had time to read through the intro, but it at least looks promising.