Comic Site Rant: What the hell! Don’t need no status, honor, money or sweet, sweet romance.

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Character centric humour? Unbelievable! Though, I’m not sure if this one is really funny. I just wanted to write something about 0nT. I hope it’s funny though, since the next comic is basically this joke again. This comic kind of feels like corny anime humour, so if you like that (as I sometimes do) I guess you’ll like this. By the way, they’re in Staples. It’s time to buy school supplies.

Time to finally address that question I asked to all of you about a month ago regarding what you want out of the comic. Like I said earlier, I won’t 100% implement any of these suggestions, but I did read them all and took them into consideration. One big one was that the humour is too obscure. This is not something I will change, since this comic is built around obscure not-quite-PPD-level-but-more-Hayate-level anime jokes. One other suggestion was to flesh out the characters more, which I do kind of try at. I’m not a great writer, and I’m no master at defining character traits, but I do try my best to improve. I’ll just say that yeah, I’m working on it, and hopefully… maybe these characters will be memorable and live on in your hearts forever! Yeah right. But I’m trying. And the last notable bit of advice was to just keep doing what I’m doing and improve, which is what I’m doing anyways. Or trying to. So, thanks for the comments. They were helpful.

Anyways, on to other stuff. One show that’s been surprisingly enjoyable has been World Destruction. Despite the dumbass premise, the show actually manages to be very entertaining. It’s a popcorn-flick type of entertaining, but still entertaining nonetheless. All the characters are fun, and each episode is written decently enough. The best episode ever was probably when they pit Toru Furuya and Shuuichi Ikeda together as rival characters… and these characters were both cute little teddy bears. It’s great.

Nogizaka Haruka has kind of gone down a quarter of a notch from its opening episodes, but I still like it a lot. Haruka is consistently delightfully moe, and her younger sister Mika is the kind of mischievous loli I love. I hope another season is greenlit, since one cour isn’t really enough.

Code Geass is really bad. But it’s gotten bad in the same way that I assume Kazuo “PEE IN MY EYES TO WASH OUT THE BLOOD” Koike manga is bad. It kind of lagged in the middle because the writers were taking their bullshit entirely too seriously, but now it’s relaxed back into being wonderfully over-the-top and nonsensical. What’s sad about the show at this point is that the damage done, and it’s not Taniguchi’s fault. I really wanted to see his original concept– what he had in mind sounded like it could be s-CRY-ed-level good, as opposed to this season which is very School Days. Except not as cool.

And that’s all for this week. I have a day or so off before classes start, so in that time I’ll try to crank out this other comic and get back on track. Later!

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11 Responses to Comic Site Rant: What the hell! Don’t need no status, honor, money or sweet, sweet romance.

  1. roast-beefy says:

    Tina looks like a completely different person. Trying to decide if it’s a good or bad thing.

  2. Shodai says:

    I maintain the best comics you do are the ones with the hilarious reaction faces of the characters. Your best are the Kurenai one – 2 panels, no dialogue, just genius-, and the Macross F one. Serious LOL inducing stuff.

  3. digitalboy says:

    love the comic and I can fucking feel the HAruka emminating from Tina in this one.

  4. Annubis says:

    Yup, the Macross F one should get an award, any award is fine.

  5. anonymous says:

    really, she doesn’t look like herself at all.
    she’s cute as hell in this one though, so it’s okay I guess

  6. re: art

    I’ve been messing with different styles lately so don’t be surprised when art looks completely different between comics.

  7. moonspeaker says:

    Personally I’ve enjoyed the more ‘obscure’ jokes so far. It’s nice to be able to get jokes that aren’t just at the lowest common denominator all the time (naruto, bleach, inuyasha level jokes get old fast), especially since there are so few. Tons of people watch Zero no Tsukaima, Gurren Lagann, Macross F, niconico, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, etc. and there’s tons of potential for humor so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it.

    Tina seems ok in this comic, but I think it looked a little better with her hair and eyes less rounded like in 106.

  8. CatzCradle says:

    No offense, but personally when I first read this comic I noticed the punch-line was usually a little off. Either by revealing it too early or adding a couple more panels afterwards (instead of just leaving it to the reader’s imagination witch IMO is more funny).

    I don’t really mind the obscure anime jokes seeing how this is an anime blog and most people who frequent them usually know a bit of each season’s new shows.

    P.S. What I liked best were the yaoi/BL humor and parodys used, but that’s just me ;)

    These were just suggestions, so you could probably take everything I said with a grain of salt.

  9. TheBigGSN5 says:

    “But it’s gotten bad in the same way that I assume Kazuo “PEE IN MY EYES TO WASH OUT THE BLOOD” Koike manga is bad.”

    Wounded Man is awesome, don’t compare it to this Code Geass pablum.

  10. Teuvan says:

    I love her hair in this comic. The little spikes are made of moe.

  11. Marl says:

    I frickin love Tina’s expression in the third panel. It’s wonderful.