November 2007 Anime

Image by Mizuki Makoto

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Current Shows
Clannad: It’s good, but I feel a bit apathetic towards it at the moment. Not leaving as much of an impression as Kanon did. Then again, with Kanon I was already familiar with the narrative and characters, so that acted as a good buffer. Hopefully the serious bits of this story will be better than what Kanon gave us. Currently refraining from Air comparisons since I’ve not seen that in a while.
ef: Finding its groove about four episodes in. All the directorial tricks and stuff are starting fall into place naturally without seeming forced like they did initially. I still find it hard to care about these characters, but I do relate to Hirono in a way.
Genshiken 2: The Ohno x Tanaka chapter that was brushed over in previous adaptations was re-envisioned splendidly in episode 4. I guess Kio felt this was an opportunity to give that bit of the story more of a punch, so he did. Other than that, it continues to be a well-produced retelling of the original comic. Also, I love studio ARMS.
Ghost Hound: Still moving along rather slowly, but good. Has a lot potential, but has barely acted on it as of yet.
Hayate no Gotoku: There really isn’t much to say about this show, aside from the fact that it’s the same hilarious parody show that it’s always been.
Kaiji: I’m really liking this show, but I categorize it differently from everything else I’m watching, given the unique style and subject matter. I’d call it tastefully overdone. Each episode has me at the edge of my seat.
Kodomo no Jikan: The editing really kills some scenes.
Minami-ke: Not laugh out loud funny, but entertaining and thoroughly charming. I’m loving the running joke about that TV drama.
Moyashimon: I still think the best part about this show is opening, but it’s slowly getting better. Thus far I feel the focus on the science parts are a bit too strong, but I suppose that’s the point.
Shana II: Episode 4 was boring.
Sky Girls: Getting back on track. It was spending too much time with badly written drama and not enough time having fun, like it should.

Chopping Board
Dragonaut: See: I may just buy that Uno Makoto artbook then drop this.
Gundam 00: Actually kinda boring.

Not so current shows
Rocket Girls: Still haven’t gotten too far past the midpoint, but it’s fine. Good, but nothing worth writing the folks about. Already questionable production values are getting even more questionable.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is being subbed rather quickly for the kind of show that it is. Episode 9 was hilarious. Going to catch up with HidaSketch when I have time.

I’ve gotten through a good number of manga volumes lately. Finally getting to volume 6 of Excel Saga, which I bought about 5 months ago. Also have back issues of OTAKU USA. Thinking of buying more Macias books, like TokyoScope, Fresh Pulp and Japanese School Girl Inferno. Also interested in Matt Alt’s Hello, Please!