Saimoe 2007 and Megami Magazine

I am a newbie to the whole Saimoe thing. Back in the far off year of 2006, right when the Saimoe of that year ended, I had only just heard of the event and had a minor grasp as to what it was all about. One year and many online discussions later, I am more or less fully prepared and informed about this thing. I kind of put off learning how to vote for a bit, since it sounded complicated, and because of that I missed my chance to vote for Nagi. She passed anyway, so it’s nothing to worry about. I’ll get another chance. My first votes went towards three characters I don’t particularly care about, but today I went for some favourites of mine: Konata, Isumi and Sae. Ok, not really favourites, but I actually like them more than the ones I casted votes for yesterday, so it’s something (and I do like Konata quite a bit.) I’m just waiting for when I can put in votes for Kaede, Primula, Siesta, Henrietta and Choco :3 Ah, I hope Kaede at least makes it through at least one round~

In other stupid wota news, I recently got my hands on my first issue of Megami. I ordered just the latest issue, but then decided to get the August issue just because. This issue doesn’t have too many posters that interest me. I ripped out a pic with Louise and stuck it up, along with a Nanatsuiro Drops, School Days and Doujin Work poster– all shows which I’m not totally in love with, but they make nice cheesecake for my walls (mostly cheesecake of girls who have no chests god I’m a pervert). Oh, there is that huge Lucky Star poster of Konata hugging Kagami in a bikini. God this room is like a fucking den of sin. The latest issue has a bunch of stuff I’m interested in, so I’m eagerly awaiting that. All of sudden wall real estate in this room has become quite a rarity. Once this new issue comes in I’ll have to kill some babies. I think I have one too many Shuffle! posters up…