Comic Update: Kali Ma Will Live Forever

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In addition to spawning a blog post that is entirely too long, this whole Endless Eight business has also done well to create two comics, one which you see before you, and another of which is in the pipeline for next week. Yeah, I know I said I wouldn’t update this week, but this idea was too good not to draw. Well, I like it… Art turned out a bit too rough, oh well.

Nothing much to talk about, except for that Kanno Yoko + Seatbelts show I went to on the seventh. It was pretty rad. Just seeing people who I only hear via pirated mp3s and at times bought CDs on stage in front of me was pretty cool, and the energy for the most part was awesome. May’n and Nakajima Megumi were prettier than I remembered, and it was pretty hot seeing them on stage singing their hearts out. This of course applies to all the other female performers, but those two especially stood out. Yamane Mai was good, but for some reason it seemed as if I couldn’t really hear her to well over the background music, but seeing pieces of The Real Folk Blues and Gotta Knock a Little Harder live was pretty awesome. She shined the brightest when she did Blue though, which was concluded nicely by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. Want It All Back was pretty good, too.

The best part was of course seeing Tank! performed live, along with What Planet Is This? It’s just badass to see a bunch of dudes in suits go at it with the horns and totally rock the joint. I will admit to being slightly less interested during the more mellow part of the concert, but that was mostly because it was songs I either didn’t care for or didn’t know. There was an encore that was about an hour long, and the best part of that as probably the orchestral segment, but in the end it was all good.

That’s about all I’ll say about that. Omo will probably have a better writeup eventually, and I’ll be posting a podcast from that day in a little while. It’s mostly just us talking about things that aren’t the concert, and once we talk about the concert, we say nothing any value. We did say stuff of value in real life, but I didn’t feel like recording it. That’s just how I roll.