Comic Update: Chocolate Disco

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A new comic, and only a month too late! It’s been busy over here at Mistakes of Youth Headquarters, okay? And it’s still pretty busy, but not too busy for me not to throw together a little comic here on the sly.

But even if I say that, this comic took me longer than usual because I was just so out of practice. And it doesn’t even look that great! Anyway, in case you forgot, this comic is actually meant to follow along from the previous one. I was planning to just have the normal one week between the two strips, but things happened. It seems that despite previous hints towards the contrary, Tina is in fact not a fan of guro. Or is she? She’s probably doing this all completely intentionally to just fuck with Rets. Dude deserves it, as he’s a terrible person. Next week’s comic will be very depressing, so I hope it manages to garner some chuckles!

I also made another comic this week, but not a Mistakes of Youth strip. If any of you are familiar with my past comic-making escapades, you’d be familiar with some comics my friends and I made in high school. Well, I saw those old friends again this week, and we threw together another comic for old times sake. Here it is. There will probably be more, but I can’t say anything about regularity. If we end up making a substantial amount, I’ll make a page specifically for it. As you can see, while my work here at Mistakes of Youth tends to be very safe (by some twisted standard) my friend’s and my work here is quite different, and rather twisted. I hope you can enjoy it, as we had fun making it. For those not in the know, it’s based around the three of us. You can probably figure out who’s who easily.

Switching gears here completely, Mistakes of Youth will be at Otakon 2010. I wasn’t really gonna make a lot of noise about it at first, but I just found out a week ago that I have a panel there. It’s the same one I ran at Anime Boston–The Life and Times of Akiyuki Shinbo–and it’s at 9pm on Saturday in Panel IV. With luck it’ll be an improved version of what I did at Anime Boston, so come and visit! I’ll probably be hanging around that panel room some time before my panel starts (there’s some dead space before and after the panel) so stop by and say hi! I’ll probably be wearing a Zetsubou Sensei shirt. Probably gonna leave the Strike Witches cap at home… maybe…