Comic Site Rant: Shoe Circus? Quality shoes at discount prices, why pay more? Bill Gates!?

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I won’t lie, I actually really like this comic. Yeah, Mursaki and Rets Kurenai didn’t turn out just as planned in those second and third panels, but aside from that I like how this one came out. This comic, like the last one, was slightly censored for the front page, and the untainted version can be found here. If it gets the point where a majority of the comics for some reason have NSFW content, I’ll just smack an 18+ warning on this site and be done with it, but for right now things are mostly safe.

Going to be dusting off my old headset tomorrow and recording another exciting episode of the Mistakes of Youth Podcast, so look out for that over the next week or so. Also, I’m looking for some other people to record further shows with. This is mainly a message for the people I know personally, but if anyone else is interested, give me a buzz. If you’re someone I don’t know personally, and would like to record, I’d like for you to have a blog (or proof that you have worthwhile shit to say) and I have to be able to stand you as a human being. I’m a total asshole, and people easily bother me, so you know. I think I wanna do a show on Strike Witches and perhaps Nogizaka Haruka. I have people in mind for the latter though, it’s just a matter of if they’re up for it or not. I kind of have someone in mind for a Strike Witches show, but I’m not sure if he even has the right facilities (mic and shit) for such a thing. We’ll see.

Gankutsuoh’s style seems to be losing its cohesion eight episodes in. It worked perfectly for the opening episodes, but it seems less planned now. Aside from that, the show is still pretty good. The Count carries each episode, since all the other characters are idiots. I also think the Count has what I’ve dubbed as an “AD Field”, or Absolute Drama Field. Whenever he’s around anyone, people just start dueling each other, get poisoned, or other random shit like that. You can’t just have a quiet afternoon chillin’ with this guy. He’s fucking hardcore.

Strike Witches ended better than I expected. I won’t say much, since I’m playing around with the idea of writing a full review, but second season wo kudasai! Or something like that.

So yeah, that’s it for tonight. I’m not tired since for some reason I drank Mountain Fucking Dew at M IT, but I’m out of stuff to rant about, so that’ll be it for this week.