Five figures came in the mail today…

…and I will give you some real quick reviews on all of them!!

MaxFactory 1/8 Mikuru School Festival Ver.

MaxFactory is known for their quality, and this figure is no exception. At first I found the face sculpt to be kind of awkward, but then I realized that was only due to the fact that Mikuru never ever looks this happy in the show. If I had to say anything bad about it, it’d be that taking the headband thing that was already on her head off to put the cat ears on is kind of hard, and the figure isn’t castoffable. I mean seriously, these panties are beautifully rendered, why must MaxFactory tease us so? The panties on the castoffable Atelier Sai figures suck.

In my mind I like to think that Mikuru thinks long and hard about what kind of panties to wear each day, on the off-chance that she will get lucky with meKyon.

Random Primula trading figure

I don’t know much about trading figures, but this one seems pretty ok. Yeah, the paint job isn’t the greatest and the eye detail is weak, but it’s a small little thing that looks good from afar. And hey, it’s cool to have a dainty little girl making a sand castle right there on your desk so you don’t have to sneak out to a beach and watch the real ones do it from a distance!

CharaAni Limited Edition Kaede Fuyou

I was originally going to get this version off of Yahoo Auctions for 1000 yen, but it was early in the morning, I forgot how to bid, and by the time I came to my senses the auction was over. So, I instead opted to get this limited edition version for 6000 yen. I kind of had to warm up to this one. Yes, it’s Kaede, so that’s like 99 out of 100 points right there, but the face sculpt for this one kind of bothers me. I’ve since gotten used to the sculpt, but if I had skills I’d paint some more stuff in the eyes or something.

If I ever see the original version floating around I’ll pick that one up, too.

Random Kaede Fuyou Trading Figure 1

Man, this one is so fucking hot. The best part about this one is the legs– they’re carved out so beautifully that I could lick them all over. Her body is also totally amazing too, and I just love how Kaede looks in that dress, especially the way her boobs come out. If I had to complain about this figure, I’d complain that the kneeled version of the legs weren’t included, but that’s not the figure’s fault.

Random Kaede Fuyou Trading Figure 2

And this is the hottest figure I got today. I just love how this one comes together, from the flowing hair, to the sexy “yes dear~” expression, to the hot hot dress, to the soup ladle that tops it all off. This incredibly sexy housewife looking pose embodies everything I love about women, and as such I totally love this figure. And damn, whoever sculpted this one gave Kaede some nice tits.

And that’s it for tonight! Welcome to the family, girls!