We will never forget you, MEGAZONE (Part 3)

Despite the fact that Megazone 23 PART I and PART II look and feel completely different, they were only made a year apart from each other, and tell one complete and (somewhat) coherent story. PART III, on the other hand is its own thing– it was made in 1989 (three years after the release of PART II), takes place several hundred years after the events of the original story, and has an almost completely original cast. As is usually the case with a sequel like this, it’s not very good– a lot like The Godfather III or all the Pink Panther movies made after Peter Sellers’ death. Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

Strangely enough, the plot is the best thing about this part. Unlike PART I, which was clunky and lacked an end, and PART II which just made no sense– PART III actually tells a pretty decent story that mostly makes sense. I still think it suffers from the same problems the other Megazones suffered from in their storytelling, but less so.

Unfortunately, the praise ends there. This entire production is a disaster. For starters, the animation is horrible. There are some cuts which do look really nice, but for the most part the animation ranges from G-Gundam quality to… Gundress quality. I’m not even kidding, there’s entire sequences in the first episode that are just unfinished cuts of animation with no shading or inbetweening. Don’t believe me? See for yourself, then!

The characters in this are also really lame. Especially Eve, who for reason has a horrible seiyuu this time around, and I think Megazone 23 PART III was the only show she ever did. The main character is like a less good Shogo, and he even admits it in the dialogue. The villain’s also pretty lame.

Megazone 23 PART III is a pretty bad sequel to an otherwise good series of OVAs. You can watch it for the sake of completion of you really want to, but if you’re short on time, I say skip it.

ps: anyone up for a game of HARD ON??