I totally forgot about the summer season

It wasn’t until I saw a sub out for Lucky Tousen*: Great Guardians did I realize that the summer season had already started. So, before anything else starts, I guess I’ll list out my picks like I normally do!

You know, since the list of shows playing this season was so short, I assumed I’d only walk out of it with something like three or four shows, but after I went through and picked out everything, I came out with seventeen! Good thing some of those are short OVAs.


  • Cobra (OVA): The mighty space returns to the small screen after 30 years to kick more ass. I love Space Adventure Cobra, and if this OVA can capture the magic of the original series, I’ll be in love. COBURAAAA~
  • DETROIT METAL CITY (OVA): I’ve always been interested in the manga, but never read it. Hopefully Studio 4C will do a good enough job with their adaptation that I won’t have to!
  • Hidamari Sketch x365 (TV): Honestly, I find Hidamari only works for me if I’m in the right mood. Otherwise, it’s boring. But, this is another Shaft/SHINBO combo, so it’s worth watching just for that.
  • Lucky Star (OVA): More Lucky Star can’t be a bad thing. I liked the TV show well enough.
  • Zero no Tsukaima ~Three Princesses’ Rondo~ (TV): Hey, fuck you guys, 0nT 2 was great and I don’t care what you say. I’m watching this one without a second thought. So long as they keep delivering more fanservice than plot, I’ll be happy!

Maybe I should, you know, check these out

  • Birdy The Mighty (TV): Everything I Learned About Birdy The Mighty I Learned Off Of Wikipedia Just Now. But hey, it’s based on old(er) anime, so it can’t be bad, right? Right?
  • Nogizawa Haruka’s Secret (TV): Cute character designs and decent fanservice potential are what this one’s all about. I’ll watch it if the production values are good. The site lists the animation studio as ディオメディア (Dio Media?) which I’ve never heard of. I found them on Wikipedia, clicked on the English article, and that redirected me to Studio Barcelona’s article, so I guess they’re the same thing? If it is Studio Barcelona, that’ll be great since their work is pretty decent.
  • Slayers Revolution (TV): Confession time: I’ve never watched a Slayers series, ever. Now’s as good a time as any to start, though! But seriously, what’s with this 90s revival all of sudden? First Eva, then Slayers, and now they’re making a new Saber Marionette. HAS JAPAN RUN OUT OF IDEAS???
  • Strike Witches (TV): The OVA for this was good as a seven minute fight sequence, and not much else. I hope a TV length run will give it more room to breathe. If they can push out at least a Sky Girls quality show, I’ll be happy. Though, this is GONZO we’re talking about…
  • Telepathy Girl Ran (TV): The SomethingAwful thread has nothing on this, so I’m watching it for the name alone. It’s about a psychic girl! What could possibly go wrong!? Oh right, it’s on NHK.

I guess I’ll check some of this stuff out if I have time

  • Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel (OVA): Some random two-episode OVA. Won’t be good, but it looks cute enough.
  • Koihime†Musou (TV): Boobs and fighting. I’ve never heard of the studio behind this one, and it seems most of what they do is farmed out work. Not sure if that’s good or bad. Guys, did Myself; Yourself look ok?
  • Natsume’s Friend Register (TV): Youkai. Brains Base. Sold. Er, but it may be too homosexual for my tastes. We’ll see how it goes. BUT YOUKAI.
  • Negima! Ala Alba (OVA): All I know about Negima! is what I learned through Negima Interrobang. Thusly, I have no idea what this is going to be about, and am solely watching it for the SHAFTxSHINBO combo.
  • Ryoko’s Case Files (TV): This is probably going to be as dumb as Crystal Blaze, but at least it has better character designs… kind of.
  • Sekirei (TV): Boobs and one loli. Probably skipping this one since it’s by Seven Arcs, and they can’t animate for shit.
  • World Destruction (TV): Stupid name, but it’s by Production IG so it may be good. I just hope it’s the GITS/Library Wars IG and not the xxxHOLIC/Ghost Hound/Sisters of Wellber IG.

Man, I start work in a week. I sure hope most of these shows are bad so I can drop a lot of them!? Half of my picks from last season haven’t even finished!

*Mistakes of Youth: Stealing Anime World Order jokes since 2007