Today on Cobra: Cobra robs an art museum, coaches a sports team and saves a race of people!

Currently 2/3 of the way through Cobra, and it’s still as entertaining as it was when I first clicked open episode 1. The production values have stayed solid, the writing has been mostly fresh and in general it’s just been a fucking good time.

The 15th episode places Cobra in a very Lupin III-ish role as a museum thief. He’s doing a favour for an old friend who doesn’t much time left. See, his friend’s planet was overrun by The Guild, and they have also stolen a very precious item to the planet and placed it on display in their museum of the planet’s treasures. It’s another exciting one-shot filled with the typical Cobra action and humour, which is as always thoroughly entertaining. One thing I should note about this episode is that Night at the Museum so totally copied off of it. Just watch it and you’ll see why.

Episodes 16 through 19 follow Cobra as he enters to world of RUG-BALL. RUG-BALL is one part baseball, one part American football (the name suggests rugby, the uniforms suggest American football) and it is the most awesome sport EVER. Imagine baseball, except for in this you can fatally wound people if they even DARE to take a base. It’s a bloody and violent sport where the players take pride in how many they have both killed and wounded. Cobra isn’t just there to play, though. He’s been asked by one of the three sisters from the last arc, Dominique, to investigate a drug route that is tied to the RUG-BALL stadium. Dominique is an officer for the Galaxy Patrol, but they can’t infiltrate the stadium without evidence given it’s out of their jurisdiction. The arc doesn’t really focus on that much at all though, and is more about guys killing each other and calling each other bad names. Once again, it’s good fun.

20-21 has Cobra on a desert planet, which is the home of the SWORD people. He has to save these guys from a corrupt king, and lots of wacky sneaking around and shooting at things happens as per normal. This arc is probably one of the strangest, given it features an ocean of sand. Yes, and ocean of sand. By that I mean it acts exactly like a body of water in that it has waves, fish, and you can drown if you’re not careful. Also, don’t even get me started on the SWORD people.

Once again, I come out of this batch of episodes very much satisfied and entertained. A friend of mine described the appeal of Cobra perfectly. It’s just a simple show where a guy shoots stuff and gets a girl each episode, but they keep it fresh with clever and creative writing. I use the word fun a lot when talking about this show, because that’s just what it is– fun. It doesn’t really need to be anything more than that.

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