read this post in a tohoku accent

My buddy SDS has been typing up a storm over at his newly created blog, OGIUE MANIAX. He’s been writing some high quality stuff daily, but at the moment it seems he’s short of readers, so go over there and read his stuff, ok! He knows far more about animes and Ogiue than I do!

In fact, I think all of you should read all of the blogs on my blogroll. I feel a good section of them are under appreciated, which is a shame since most of them are incredibly good. So, instead of reading Dark Mirage’s latest dissertation on the newest 00 episode, try reading about the anime fandom of yesteryear, life in Japan from the point of view of a old-school robot fan, random obscure animes, whatever the hell Macias is up to, reviews of Bartender and Afternoon, or just the rambles of one of my best friends.

So, go, GO! Why the fuck are you still fucking here?????