Lolitas in anime: Then and Now

Neko-Musume, Gegege no Kitarou, 1959


Fanart of Neko-Musume, Gegege no Kitarou, 2007


Ok, I’m being a little unfair using fanart, but that picture is more or less a copy of the 2007 design, just in a bikini. Now, it’s not like the sexalization of lolitas is a new thing in Japanese animation. My research* shows that such sexulization has been going on since at least the 1980s! I mean, just look at the Nanako SOS opening (the DVD covers are far more damning, though) or better yet, the Tokimeki Tonight ending. Not having seen any of these I can’t vouch for how much of this content rears its head in the actual shows, but it’s clear Tokimeki Tonight influenced a couple of individuals who were responsible for the manga and anime versions of a certain series.

Now you, the ever-intrepid reader of this sinful blog may be wondering, “Why is wildarms writing this? Hasn’t he admitted to being a lolicon on numerous occasions?” This is very much true, and I am a dirty lolicon, and basically the point of this post is me wondering why exactly I’ve made such a thing public, and why the animation industry itself is coming out about something that is quite taboo. I think it’s probably because Otaku have been looked down upon as social rejects for so long, that they’ve eventually lost all shame. I mean, who needs shame when you’re the scum of the Earth? You’re free to be as sick as you want, since no one has any higher expectations of you. I’m not sure when the whole lolicon thing really exploded, but I’m guessing it’s recent. As I’ve said, the fetish has been around for a while (dating all the way back to Cagliostro? Then again, pedophiles have been around since the dawn of time, I guess) but only now is anime mostly filled with girls who look barely over 12.

The only real troubling part about all this to me is the fact that now Otaku are in the public eye. And because they are, doujin artists get arrested, shows get cancelled, and Kodomo No Jikan gets censored out the wazoo.

*research meaning going on Youtube and watching old anime openings

edit: Note that this post isn’t really serious, I’m just noting down some thoughts I had on the way to class.