First Impression: Nanatsuiro Drops

The Good: Itou Noiji designs, fairly good production values

The Bad: Another reason to throw me in the slammer

This show is pretty moe. All the girls have real big Itou Noiji eyes and everything is all colourful and stuff. The animation is fairly good, and does justice to the designs. Given production quality of this episode, things shouldn’t look too bad from here on out, especially considering that it’s only 12 episodes. The fairly new Studio Barcelona is handling the animation work. I was a bit unsure of their future works after seeing Dai Mahou Touge. While DMT was animated competently, it was hardly OVA standard (but what is OVA standard nowadays…) However, the quality of this episode gives me hope for their future productions.

Er, back to the show, the premise is pretty CCS clone, except lends itself to a shorter runtime. Characters are all your typical eroge/anime cliches. So really, nothing special here past the animation. The main girl is pretty cute. She cries a lot. I bet she cries during sex in the game. I like the criers (NSFW link).

This show will probably serve to be my generic trash show of the season. It’s hardly anything worth talking about, but so long as the animation remains good and show remains marginally entertaining, I’ll watch it until I get bored.