Unexpected Purchase

Those bastards should stop sneaking these kinds of things in stores I frequent, as it results in a loss of funds. I heard of this figure a while ago, but never really thought about buying it. It wasn’t until today when it appeared in Tokyo Kid that its existence came back to the forefront of my mind.

The best part? The breasts, nay, the entire chest area is soft.

Sorry for the photo, I’m no Happy Soda.

Other adventures today? Well some political solicitor stopped and informed me that the world is going to regress to a 14th century dark age if “our generation” doesn’t do something about the government. I listened to his spiel for a bit, but he couldn’t really put together a convincing argument. After a while I got bored and left. He handed me his little book and I promptly threw it away at the nearest trash receptacle.

Anyway, I’ve not watched any anime today, sadly. I should get going on the rest of this PPD disc in a moment.