The last time they had an anime blog tournament was like in 2008 or something

God, I feel awful. I keep meaning to update this site three times a week, but due to my horrible addictions to drawing, watching anime, applying for jobs, going to school, and hanging out with friends; I haven’t had much drive to write things, even though I really want to! So today I find out that I’m in some Anime Blog Tournament, and I feel as if I’ve been caught with my pants down. I hate writing about myself, so I’ll keep this short. Honestly, if I was super cool I probably wouldn’t even be writing a post like this at all…

This blog started mainly as a way to catalog updates from the various sites I run, like my art site and my comic, along with any other projects I may have been working on. I of course also felt it prudent to do some bloggging on here as well.

Because I’ve been running this blog from the beginning of my college career, its content has changed significantly over the years. And honestly? Most of those early entries are utter shit. You shouldn’t read them. Mistakes of Youth, to be certain. However, I feel that since my time in Japan and onward, I have written some okay things, and lately I’ve been especially happy with my content. So read that stuff, if you want.

Honestly, I’m not expecting to make it very far in this thing since most of my blog’s lifespan has been spent as either a troll blog or a perverted blog, and shit like that is a dime a dozen. And I doubt that people even care about the content I’m putting out now, since a lot of it is just so fucking boring.

But yeah. Vote for me? I dunno.