Comic Update: Dream Fighter

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Even though they have changed their tone a bit regarding this issue, the fact that we’re still talking about editing anime in this day and age is quite nostalgic. When I was younger I used to read sites documenting the multitude of edits done to various Toonami offerings as well as sites which provided photographic comparisons for the original DBZ edits (there used to be this great site called Dragonball Z UNCUT).

At this time I was also watching anime on VHS with my friends, and attempting to download full episodes of random things in the form 20mb .rm files which took something of the order of  four hours to download. So, yeah, props to FUNimation for providing an impromptu trip down memory lane with this little controversy. It’s almost especially funny that FUNimation is the source of all this mess, considering not too long ago they were doing an impressive job of pissing off fanboy purists with their dub of DBZ.