It’s the end of the show song, the part isn’t ever on TV.

Tonight is Conan O’Brien’s last show as the host of the Tonight Show after just seven months of being on the air. But everyone knows that.

I’ve been watching Conan on-and-off since I was in middle school, and it really hurts to see him pulled in such a haphazard manner. Given that a good portion of my viewing diet is composed of anime series with set run-times, seeing a show I’ve  been watching for a good seven years get knocked off the air–and for stupid reasons–makes me feel a little down.

I won’t be able to watch his last show live as I don’t own a TV, but I’ll be sure to catch it on Hulu. Conan is undoubtedly one of the funniest entertainers out there, and I hope the same show he’s been putting on for nearly twenty years finds its way unharmed to another network.