All I have left is Hanamaru Kindergarten.

Hanamaru Kindergarten

Not having much in the way of expectations for this show, I was viciously slain the by the life-threatening amount of cuteness present in every second of Hanamaru Kindergarten’s running time. Furthermore, it was refreshing to see something that was cute in a 100% non-sexual way. I do enjoy a good chapter of Kojika when it comes around, but in a medium that is defined by sexualized children and teens these days, it does my heart good to see a show in which kids are just cute little kids doing cute things.

The show isn’t really a laugh-a-minute, but it’s a nicely paced slice of life show that balances the cute kindergartner antics with some somewhat realistic adult interaction between the teachers. In fact, between the teachers in Hanamaru Kindergarten and the the teaching staff in Kojika, I’m convinced anime and manga need a title that specifically focuses on the lives of teachers! Let’s make it happen, Japan!

And while I did say this show was refreshing for not being sexual at all, a male teacher surrounded by three hot female teachers is not a bad setup at all…

(By the way, if you think this show is in any way dirty, you’re a motherfucking sicko. I bet you think Yotsubato is dirty as well!)