Putting the lid on Haruka for now

I’ll come out in say it–the second season of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu isn’t that great. Well, half of it is great. The other half isn’t so much.

The good half is the part that plays on the strengths of season 1–that being the romance between Yuuto and Haruka. To make it even sweeter they layer on an extra level of fanservice, which I don’t disapprove of. However, the reused trope of them constantly ALMOST-BUT-NOT kissing does get old after a while. I know it’s crazy talk to expect progress from shounen romance, but c’mon. I guess they did kind of almost maybe have sex, that part was hot.

The other half is either the show focusing on Yuuto’s other haremettes, or some crazy drama. I don’t mind the focus on the other girls–especially if they are of the lolita variety–but at times I wondered if there was a point to an episode focused entirely on Shiina. And even though I did enjoy episodes which focused on the lolita portion of the cast, I’m watching this show because I want to see Yuuto and hot-otaku-girlfriend Haruka GET IT ON. I can read Kojika if I want to partake of little girls being naughty.

Oh yeah, and they’d do well to not forget the otaku angle. Just sayin’.

This isn’t anything I haven’t said before, I just kind of want to summarize what’s been floating around in my head as of late. The bottom line is: Season 2 focused on things it didn’t need to focus on poorly, and didn’t focus on what it needed to long enough.

I’d like a season three, but only as a way for the staff to atone for their sins. If not, I’ll just stick to looking at this hot artwork, and re-watching season 1.

(Ok, I’m a sucker, I’ll probably watch season 2 again if I ever get around to re-watching the series.)