Comic Update: 愛のメディスン

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There was a comic before this one that I put up on Wednesday. If you don’t happen to follow the RSS feed and just reload the site on weekends, you may want to go back and see that one.

This is something that happened to me in real life. I’ve been wanting to use this anecdote as a comic for a while (something like three years) but never really found the right moment until now. I feel that Brad, after having been washed ashore in America after a grueling number of months manning the cash register at both Tora and a U-15 DVD shop, would be absolutely delighted to hear some American guy ask him if his MD Geist DVD was a “gay-mu”. In real life the man who posed this query to me was less of a Hitler dream child and more of a brown person, but I think portraying the assailant as he is in the comic enhances the humour.

The art isn’t really up to par. The drawings are lazy and the lighting didn’t come out as I wanted. I’m still really bad at determining where shadows fall, too. Also, you’ll notice Brad isn’t bleeding anymore. I forgot to add the blood, so just assume he wiped it off.

I dunno what’s going on next week. I guess I’ll figure something out.