Comic Update: Billions of billions of blue blistering barnicles!!

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Yes, Rets is dressed as Captain Haddock from The Adventures of Tintin. Why? BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT.

The issue of pedophilia in Darker Than Black’s sequel is something I feel must be addressed. Spinning it off into other deviant directions is something I feel should not be addressed, but the script was headed in that direction so I did it anyway. I was kind of reaching with this one, but I hope it at least inspires a chuckle.

This comic is actually redrawn from earlier lineart. I liked the original lineart one day, then I looked at it the next day and it looked awful, so I re-drew it. Even after cleaning the new lineart, shit still looked wonky, so I made some adjustments. It looks kind of ok now, but not perfect. The backgrounds are once again cheap traces over some photos I took.

I drew Tina’s hair in a more flowing manner again, since I think that may suit her more, and I wanted to try my hand at drawing that sort of hair again. I think it goes against the Watanabe Akio style I’m trying badly to cop, but whatever. I’m mainly latching onto his style to try and find my own. I want to draw comics that look “anime style” (whatever the fuck THAT is) but my attempts at shooting for that stlye on my own have been failures. So I figure if I latch onto an estblisehd style, I may find my own. Lots of Japanese artists do it, so I figure there’s no shame in me doing it!!

Thanks to the power of Perfect Dark I found some albums by Omokage Lucky Hole–the groovy dudes who did the Natsu no Arashi opening–and they’re pretty good! Their Wikipedia page describes them as a “Japanese Funk band” but by my not-very-musically-inclined-ears they skirt a bunch of musical genres from traditional J-Pop pieces (albeit older styled ones) to some almost rap-sounding pieces. However, they have a sound that’s unified by their strong use of horns and the main singer’s voice. There’s some duds across the two albums I found, but on the whole they’re pretty¬† good, so listen to them! Not around Japanese people, though. Their lyrics are pretty dirty. I’d love to buy these albums, but I’m not in Japan at the moment so that’s something of a impossibility. But I will! Eventually.

And that’s it. Later bros.