Comic Update: JUNGLEMAN

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Kind of pissed off today due to retarded computer issues, so this rant will be more terse than usual. I’ve more or less given up on talking about anime in this space, by the way. Stuff like that is better suited for individual blog entries.

I doubt anyone will see anything resembling humour in this comic. I mean, moreso than other comics. I think the only way you’ll find this funny is if you live in Japan, and know just how deeply Monster Hunter has invaded the lives of otaku over there. This comic is actually taken directly from an exchange that happened at the manga club in Sophia University. I’ve changed almost nothing, except for spicing up the language accordingly to capture the spirit of their words. I thought it was pretty funny, so I figured I’d eventually turn it into a comic. No one else but me cares, though.

Another obscure reference in this comic is the drink that Hikki’s Manken friend is holding. I actually hadn’t heard of this drink until IRC super star Ichimaru told me about it, but once I heard about it I had to include it in a comic some how. You can’t really see it, but the drink is called JUNGLEMAN. Which is a real drink.

The art isn’t stellar, but I like how it all turned out. Instead of sampling too much, I’ve decided to instead reproduce the shirts I dress my characters in, along with various other objects–like the JUNGLEMAN bottle–myself. It looks a bit more natural. Posters and game/anime screenshots are still from sampled images, though. Those with a keen eye will notice that I forgot about the PSP logo at the back of the PSP. Whoops!

No comic next week because it’s Thanksgiving. That’ll give me time to refine the next couple of scripts I have planned out, anyway…