Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu no is no longer about her Himitsu, and other issues with season 2

Speaking of Haruka and her secret, there have been some people (read: two) who have noticed that the second season of one of my favourite shows from last year is no longer about her secret. They also put forth that this is detrimental to the show. I will admit that the staff has kind of forgotten about Haruka’s secret after about an episode or two, but I’ve been enjoying the other episodes just as much, specifically episodes four and six. I think instead of referential fanservice, they staff is going more for overt “oh my god, Haruka fell on Yuuto in her underwear” fanservice, which is 100% fine by me.

If anything, though, I do think the show is falling into some patterns that I don’t quite like. These things were always present in the show, but they never bothered me. For example, in this current season, whenever Mika and her group of misfits wants to cause trouble, there’s always some outside force preventing them from doing so. Similarly, Haruka and Yuuto’s relationship is progressing at a pace of one step forward, two steps back. Like I said, things like this were present in the first season to some degree, but now they’re getting a bit tired, so I hope they spice things up a bit in further episodes.

What I liked about season one was that while Yuuto clearly had  harem, the relationship between Haruka and him was more or less set in stone, and it was the focus of the show. As such, it was less of a harem show and more of a cute light romance, a genre which is–quite frankly–of short supply these days. The second season is falling back more on harem tradition, especially in the way it gives certain characters glamour episodes allowing them to activate flags with Yuuto. While this doesn’t bother me too much either (I did enjoy the episodes focusing on Tsundere-chan and Alice) it is distracting when Yuuto and Haruka are already a couple. The focus on Shiina is especially laughable, since I’m pretty sure they wrote her off as a  love interest a few episodes ago. I mean, she is kind of cute, but doesn’t hold a candle to Haruka.

I do however think that the show’s highs make up for the lows, even if the highs are simple things like Haruka being naked or in cute outfits more often, but the writers should really bring the otaku angle back for a more balanced viewing experience. Yes, I like seeing Haruka’s nipples poking through a Santa outfit. That’s hot. But I also like seeing Haruka getting excited over whatever random anime she’s watching. I also enjoy focus on loli characters like Alice and Mika but… Actually, they can keep focusing on Mika for as long as they want, she’s my second favourite character.

But anyway, balance. That’s what it’s all about. I think this new season has lost the balance that made season one successful in my eyes. Maybe they should fall back on novel material for a change. I want to see Haruka and Yuuto in London!