Comic Update: It’s the time to play the game

Original Post

This was one of the backup scripts I had written about two years ago to use for when I’m too lazy to come up with an idea regarding some currently airing anime or something similar. This is actually re-written from its original to be a bit more snappy and quick. I find it fairly humourous.

The more astute of you may notice that Tina’s hair has become more pointy as opposed to its usual softer shape. Basically I’ve grown really attached to Watanabe Akio’s style and the general look of Bakemonogatari, so in at attempt to get better at drawing, I figured I’d kind of crib Watanabe’s style. Also, her hair like this is easier to draw and just works better. That said, I liked her old hair too, so I may switch back and forth. Just pretend she’s changing shampoos. The art for this comic in general is fine, but it’s kind of messy in places. Once again, the background shamelessly traced over a photo I took.

I don’t really feel like talking about anime so I’ll touch upon three me-related matters. First off, an interview I conducted with Matt Alt three or so months ago is live! At least the first part of it. Secondly, some other like-minded people and I have started to sub Kirumin, because no one else is subbing it. Big thanks go out to mwhead2 for taking his time to translate for us. Without him, we’d be nowhere. I’m just a timer, after all. And thirdly, I wrote my first (and probably last) thing on Colony Drop. I wrote the Big O “preview” in their Fall preview. Because my name is really Greg, kind of like how it’s really 1999 right now.

And that’s it. Hopefully I’ll see you all next week now that midterms are done!