Autumn 2009 TV Anime Part I (平成二十一年秋期放送開始ノ新作テレビアニメ其ノ壱)

What has SHAFT done to me, I’m writing my post titles as if they belong in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei  or Bakemonogatari. Anyway.

These will be listed in roughly the order that I watched them. For some of these I’ve seen two episodes, others I’ve seen just one. Not like that really matters.


There’s nothing much this season except for sequels and trashy shows, and this one obviously falls under the latter category. I really enjoyed the cheap but funny sexual-driven humour in the first episode, but episode two focused a bit too much on the show’s lackluster action for my tastes. There are seiyuu jokes, but they only provide fuel for the people who argue that anime has more or less become a parody of itself. They’re kind of funny, but in the end about as clever as the gags in Seitokai no Ichizon (which I’ll be touching upon in a later post). However, the animation is good, and the girls are cute. Provided it remains entertaining I’ll stick with it, but I won’t hesitate to give it the axe.

Natsu no Arashi: Akinaichuu

I think more than anything else Natsu no Arashi is a perfect match for studio SHAFT and the daring, dashing, saving anime on a daily basis director Shinbo Akiyuki. Not because it’s perfect for them to shoot at 2.38:1 or because it lends itself to shots that are upside-down and purple, but because its setting allows them to reference all this old guy, natsukashii crap that only they know about. And I love it. There’s also some inspired interaction and drama between the cast that’s still fresh and heartwarming. The opening is neat, but not nearly as good as the first season’s. And it doesn’t have much real animation, either. That said, it’s a very good sequel to what was already a very good show.

Tentai Senshi Sunred 2

It’s… just the same as the first one! And that’s a good thing. Really, I don’t have much more to say. If you don’t like this show you’re some kind of loser.