MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 17– wah goes on like an idiot while lastarial laughs about WONDER FESTIVAL ’09



Wonder Festival may be long over, but our Beauty Memories live on… in the form of a podcast! The content of this show is true to the title for the first 10 or so minutes (believe it or not, there was even more of just me talking that was edited out) but after that there’s a good review of the event overall between me and lastarial. We learned quite quickly that it would be impossible to catch any audio at the event itself.

We actually talked about a bunch of fascinating things in line, but I never know when to switch on the recorder. Oops.

Some old photos.


  • Lastarial


  • Opening Song– “Mr. Noone Special (Reprise)” by Cymbals
  • Ending Song– “Muzak Cycle” by Cymbals