BREAKING NEWS: Bakemonogatari web episode news

Remember how back when Bakemonogatari was announced, there was news that the show was too long for its TV broadcast, and the remaining three episodes of the fifteen episode series had to be streamed online?

Well, I just got some SUPER SECRET INFO from my industry contact in Japan, and he told me I could spill the beans on the whole deal. See, SHAFT won’t be streaming anything. They’re going to be doing something better–each of the web episodes will be put up on their website free for download, with no DRM. Expect the file names to look something like this: [SHAFT]化物語第十三話「つばさキャット其ノ参」.mkv

In addition to this, each of the episodes will be subbed into English–BY SHINBO HIMSELF. What this means is, Shinbo will simply be typing in all the English he knows into each of the episodes. By the last episode, the sub script will be composed entirely of misspelled quotes from American movies. I’ve seen these scripts, and they’re pretty awesome.

Anyway, look forward to it!