Mistakes of Youth@New York Anime Festival ’09

Badass Gundam illustration by Naochika Morishita, because Gundam is always relevant. Also taken from a flagrantly ILLEGAL scan of his book. I’ll buy it one day!

As per the title, Mistakes of Youth will be going to The Anime Con, with the anime con in this case being New York Anime Festival. I tweeted about this on the Tweeter, and meant to drop a note on the blog earlier, but forgot. I was only really reminded by this guy, who is incidentally letting me crash at his place.

So yeah, I’ll be there in all my glory. Hopefully with cut hair. Look for the Strike Witches cap.

Dark and beautiful Tsukuyomi illustration by CHOCO. I actually have a printed collection of these Tsukuyomi end cards, so I feel less guilty posting this up. Also, Hazuki is–much like Gundam–always relevant.