The great forces of Watanabe Akio and Shinbo Akiyuki have come together to once again bring us

naked little girls.

Shinbo getting up in years (the man is nearly 50) has slowly but surely been easing off the naked little girls since Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase-. Negima!? was a transitional period, Hidamari Sketch and Zetsubou Sensei worked as nicotine patches (they feature loli-looking characters who aren’t actually kids, see) and Natsu no Arashi was more or less him going cold turkey.

“I’LL NEVER TOUCH LOLIS AGAIN!”, he cried alone in his empty apartment.

But then his friend from years back–Watanabe Akio, a seasoned pedophile himself–came back and showed him the light.


Praise the lord.