Vampire lolitas and Shinbo Akiyuki together once more!

Okay guys, a long time ago before Shinbo made that Zetsubou Sensei show everyone who speaks English knows him for, when he first joined SHAFT they put their heads together like a merry band of brothers and made Tsukuyomi -MOONPHASE-. For those who haven’t seen it, Tsukuyomi -MOONPHASE- is a touching story of a bratty, preteen vampire girl and her relationship with a just-out-of-college aged, kind of irritable cameraman. It’s a love story that’s filled with lots of quirky humour, well-directed action, and a damn fine cast of fun of characters.

Well, it would seem that with the production of Bakemonogatari, SHAFT is being targeted to produce more serious, and more loli-centric shows again, as they’ve apparently been handed the task of adapting Dance in the Vampire Bund, with none other than Shinbo at the helm. Of course.

I’ve been recommended this manga for obvious reasons, and while flipping through it I’ve come the conclusion that it’s Something I’d Like, but I’ve put off buying it because, a) I own way too many unfinished manga series, and b) Why pay 10 dollars for one volume of manga? I can get 10 volumes of manga for that much over here!

So yeah, I’m a little excited. Since I won’t be reading the manga anytime soon, the SHAFT adaptation should do nicely. SHAFT is the perfect studio to do any sort anime adaptation, and hopefully they’ll bring back the hard Tsukuyomi-style shading for this one. I also look forward to lots of suggestive eye-catch illustrations of the main girl in various states of undress.

SHAFT is the best studio. SHAFT will save anime. Long live SHAFT.