Telling you a third time, hitting the eject button.

When I told you the first time, I was being nice. However, only a fraction of people completely admitted to their wrong doings and promised never to use unsourced art again, while most of other people just thought was I was asking of them was too difficult.

So as such, when I told you the second time, I just didn’t care. You’re all fools who will never change. Troll-level gets shot to 100%, makes idiots mad. There’s lots of really good stuff in that post, but I guess if you’re a moron and get too distracted by someone calling you a moron to see it that means… you’re a moron.

Let me boil my argument down to the basics. This won’t take more than a paragraph or so.

When you are using a piece of Japanese fanart on your blog, you must forfeit all of your cultural values. You didn’t take the time to toil over that image. You must play by their rules. You must lower your head as low as possible. I don’t see what’s so difficult about humbling yourself. Is it really so hard for you, the entitled jackass who steals all of you anime, and has never once paid 6000 yen for an Japanese R2 DVD in your life. Hell, you haven’t even paid for DVDs made in your own country.  Basically, you have no room to argue here, because doing so is effectively defending your thievery, which doesn’t make sense at all. I suppose the indifference to this issue comes from the fact that most anime bloggers have no creative bone in their body, and as such they don’t understand the time it takes to make a piece of art.

But beyond cultural junk, it’s just common courtesy. If you didn’t make an image, don’t use it. If do you use it, credit the shit out of it and hope you’re not pissing off some Japanese dude across the ocean. At this point people bring up screencaps and official artwork, and suggest some sort of double standard. Had you read my earlier post, you’d see that was covered. Screencaps and the like are promotional material. They are made for wide use. Magazines use them all the time without permission.  It’s fine to use them.

And that’s all. I’m hitting the eject button on this. It seems that, forever and ever, anime fandom will continue to be entitled douchebags and never make any attempt to change their thieving ways. And of course, when someone calls them out on it, they get all pissy about it and refuse to believe that anything they’re doing is bad. Thanks, it’s been fun! I’m going to go blog about dakimakura covers now!