Comic Update: Super Driver

Original Post

I’ve had this comic in my mind for months, but the only real appropriate time to post it is now. Actually, last week would have probably been better, but it’s sill been a week since the premier so it’s still fresh. At first I wasn’t going to pay homage to an old, and probably tired internet meme, but upon reviewing the script a few times I felt I had to do nothing but that. When I first threw together this comic, I was in a bit of a rush and forgot to include the last two speech bubbles. However, I also found that version to be quite funny, so I decided to keep it and post it for you all to enjoy.

The art here is middle of the road, as usual. The gaijin 4-koma panels are especially bad, but I think it’s ok for those to look bad. They kind of have to be.

The new season is underway, but I haven’t actually picked out a large list of things to follow, and am just working off of word-of-mouth for the first time in my life. Some shows I am excited for, like Bakemonogatari, which premiered on Friday evening, along with Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, which premiered last night, but is airing on Teletama today. I’ll probably do a bigger post on Bakemonogatari later, but for now I’ll say it does get my high recommendation. That said, the first episode didn’t really blow me away, but that was mostly because it lived up to my expectations exactly, and I couldn’t really understand the dialogue to well. The show is extremely sexy though, beating out the DVD version of Tsukuyomi -MOONPHASE- in terms of pure visual sex. The dialogue between the character art and backgrounds has lots of chemistry, as if they were made for each other (which they were, obviously.) And unlike most SHAFT shows, it seems this actually has a good budget. Characters actually move! A beautifully rendered 3D world moves around them! Watanabe Akio designs! If they can keep this quality consistent, they’ll really be able to go places with this show.

And with that, I’ll take my leave. Since I’m going to be busy with some guests for a good part of this week, there will not be a comic next week. Also, I’ve been writing the comic off the seat of my pants for the past couple of weeks, and now I simply just have no real good ideas. I’m working on a two parter, and if I can get something interesting out of that, I’ll see about updating twice in the week after this one.