Danny Choo’s swanky blogger party: CGM Night 5

I can’t keep it a secret for any longer. Those who have a keen eye kept on my Flickr feed, or those who have the unfortunate knowledge as to what my face looks like and have seen it in photos taken by others will know that yes, I did find my way into one of Danny Choo’s swanky blogger parties.

I’m going to be honest here–I haven’t been reading Mr. Choo’s blog lately. I’ve become a busy guy–I don’t have much time to read blogs. As such, much like most of the other blogs livebookmarked in my Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar Folder, I only click on things if a title on the RSS feed catches my eye. Because of this, I wasn’t really fully aware of the details of these parties Mr. Choo was holding beyond the fact that they existed until a friend of mine tipped me off. After some research, I came to the conclusion that an event like this could be fun, and summarily begged Danny for an invite.

CGM Night 5, held on the 15th of June was the first of these parties that I attended. Me, along with a friend went to see just how much trouble we could get into. Turns out there was a lot of trouble we could have gotten into, but we didn’t really get into it. We’re too good for that.

There was lots of geek-swank going on at this party. You couldn’t look anywhere without running into a Google or Firefox employee, along with a slew of other IT pros. The party was mostly a stage for networking and general socializing with other nerds, but there were some games and giveaways. I played janken for an eroge I’d never play, but it’s fine since I lost anyway. There was no one there that I really knew, but the atmosphere alone was interesting.

I did however know two people–Patrick “Son Goku” Galbriath, and–the man of the hour–Danny Choo. I exchanged some words with Patrick, and exchanged a bit more with Danny. They’re both cool guys, and probably better people to meet in real life than, say, me.

My friend and I came out rather satisfied with the experience, and both agreed that we wouldn’t mind going again. Of course, it’d probably be better if I could run into more people I know.

Once the party was done, we went out for Hoppy.