Comic Update: Not going to talk much today, either w

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This is probably the most photo-sourced thing I’ve done–the first panel is a trace over a photo, the last panel’s background is a blurred photo, and I used a photo of myself in Brad’s pose in the last panel to help me draw said pose. It’s fine, though. Pros do this all the time, so I feel I am entitled to such liberties.

This comic is a pretty typical “Brad gets angry” comic, but I really wanted to drive home just how crazy he’s going being surrounded by the kind of clientèle that collects at Tora no Ana. I think panel three does that. The last panel not so much, but I think he looks crazed enough.

That’s all, again. I just don’t feel like writing much lately–focusing more on improving my artwork. I do have some blog posts in the works though, so look out for those! See you next week!