Comic Update: Space Patrol Sigma

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Extra punchline:

Rets: I must also check to see if they’re wearing panties or not!

Tina: That is a crime.

But seriously, what’s with those skirts? I’ve seen some that short in the wild before, but never on high schoolers. What’s even more confounding is that they apparently don’t wear any panties, or wear thongs or… something. But that mystery is one of the many things that makes Saki cool, so I won’t complain.

Artwork turned out really well this time. I should probably make an attempt to not fall under this standard of quality, and only aim upwards… yeah right, w.

Another short rant this time, sorry. The writing bug hasn’t really bitten me as of late, and I haven’t really felt compelled enough to rant and rave about things. There will probably be a comic next week–it’s not even drawn yet, but I plan to fix that. Later!