Comic Update: 「私はここにいる」

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For people who don’t know anything, here’s some context.

This comic more or less happened because I’m something of a fan of conspiracies, and am a big fan of Shinbo Akiyuki. Oh, I guess it also happened because of that Haruhi thing that happened a few days ago (which I’ll expand upon below.) The artwork is mostly fine, but I probably should have varied the colour values a bit for my horrible Soultaker/Tsukuyomi imitation panels. Oh well.

As I mentioned in the previous rant, there was anticipation that a new episode of Haurhi was going to air on Thursday. And, well, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of days (or, conversely, if you’re having sex with women and living a normal life) that new episode did air, and all of the crazy 2ch people in Japan went nuts, while all the people in my manga club were like “oh, it was new? I guess I should watch it.”

This new episode opens in Haruhi’s established slice of life style, and, of course, after about five minutes Back to the Future happens and a bunch of questions from series 1 are answered, and new ones are raised. Needless to say I liked it, especially because Mikuru got to show off her time traveling powers, Mikuru got to be extra cute, and I just happen to like time traveling stories. All it needed was Dr. Emmett Brown! Or some ghost from Showa era Japan. Or a girl who can leap through time.

The current rumour is that the next couple of episodes will be old ones, and then another new one should show up. Once they get through the old ones (with some new ones mixed in) the rest of the run should be completely new. Of course, that’s a just a rumour. While we did actually get a full episode this time, I don’t think it’s beyond KADOKAWAXKYOANI to keep us waiting even more. Because they’re dicks.

Next week I’m probably going to go back to one comic a week. Two comics a week was fun, but I simply can’t handle it. Too much stress for something that’s supposed to be fun. See you all next week!