Comic Update: 笹の葉ラプソディ

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Yeah, I don’t think I can keep up with two comics a week. It is possible, but it’s draining. This’ll probably be the last week of doing so if I can manage to squeeze out this other comic I have sketched out.

Mike Dent’s comment about feeling Tomino’s “pressure” when he went to see the first Zeta Gundam reminded me that our old buddy Ikeda Shuichi (the famous voice of Char Aznable) hasn’t showed up in a while. As such, I figured he needed another comic. And this is it. The art’s kind of wonky, but I think it’s mostly fine. It’s pretty boring just drawing guys.

Not much to say, except for that history may be upon us, with “may” being the operative word here. We’ve been teased time and time again, but all sources point to a new episode of Haruhi airing this week. I’ll be there when it happens, but reports will probably be out before I even get a chance to see it, considering it’s airing an hour earlier on a channel I don’t get. There is a big chance this could just be another publicity stunt, but with those posters of a slightly-new-designed Haruhi busting out of the old Haruhi poster hanging around Akiba, chances are this may be the real deal… or not.

And that’s all. Things will probably get back to normal next week. I guess these past two weeks is in some ways making up for the couple of missed days over the past couple of years. I probably haven’t made them all up, but I’m close.