The Plane

My 11:10 flight took off at 17:30—some mechanical issue. It forced us from one plane to another—both which are identical; except for the at-seat entertainment system doesn’t work. No biggie, but I have no control over the reading light.

The flight is now set to arrive at New Tokyo International Airport (Narita) at 20:30 JST—three and a half hours after the Sophia greeters are supposed to meet us and take us to our lodgings. I have no idea how to get there. Hopefully they received the numerous emails sent by the host of other Sophia-bound students onboard (me included) during the changeover, and will wait for us. It’s not really clear at this point, though. If they’re not there, all I have are phone numbers, but no phone and no coins. I suppose I could break an 1000 yen note by buying a drink, or something.

Having never flown internationally before, the phenomenon of “chasing the sun” is one that is rather amusing to me. In fact, the scenery outside has only grown brighter as we have progressed, so hopefully we’ll arrive before our current projected time. I doubt it, though. The Pacific is vast.

Over the course of this flight I have finished Zettai Karen Children, watched a bunch of cool anime opening sequences, and played some old AzuDai doozin soft I’ve had saved on this machine since high school. Shooting down cats as Chiyo is quite fun, but rather difficult.

I can never make it past level 0 of “Tiyoruga”

I’ve yet to dive into the three tankobon I’ve dragged with me—probably won’t make much headway, to be honest—but I have read through most of the Otaku USA backlog, right up to the issue that features yours truly.

Capsule has been the only thing coming through the headphones attached to my mp3 player. Not really in the mood for anything else.

As of right now I’m over the North Pole with 6% battery life remaining on my laptop. Once I reach a convenient internet connection, this riveting tale will be posted for all to read.