Comic Update: ビギニング

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I hate doing “plot” comics, but I need to establish them going to Japan somehow. There is however a real joke, but it’s not entirely obvious from the strip itself. The joke is that the DVD that Rets is holding is the first season of Gossip Girl. And no, Brad didn’t own Gossip Girl. He went out and bought it especially when Rets asked him for a random US TV show to watch on the plane. Because Brad holds a wicked grudge. Oh, and the other joke is the stupidly over-the-top intro.

That opening crawl was going to make explicit reference to comic 117 originally by the way, but I kind of got off track. I instead tacked a little note right at the beginning of the comic to get people back on track. It’s funnier that way, anyway.

Now for more news on the doujin. I just got word from my buddy that the doujinshi order has come in, and he’ll be shipping out all the domestic orders with all due haste. Expect them in a week or so. Overseas orders should take longer, but hang tight.

Another bit of site news is that the Otaku USA article I mentioned way back when has finally been published, after quite literally a year of delays. I write a piece which is part of a bigger feature on moé. I kind of wish they brought more guys like me in to balance out all the other somewhat negative opinions, but it’s all good.

I haven’t done much anime ranting in this space for a while, so I’ll do a bit now. Michiko and Hatchin recently ended, and it came together in just that way that I thought it would. The big thing that took me about this show was how it betrayed my expectations time and time again, but was still extremely good. It did loose some focus near the end, but the last four episodes were really solid, so it didn’t especially matter. I’ll do a more thorough review on the blog, if I get time.

Anyways, I’m going to cut it short for now. Next time I make a comic update, I’ll be doing it from Japan. With that in mind, expect a week or so of delays between comics as I get settled into my new living space. Later!